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Tuesday, November 30, 2004

"And TRANCE, (yeah excluding all the new disposable cheese), is clearly the best form of music there is..
..there doesn't seem to be anyone else who's as into it as me."
-DJ on the bus at 08:25 this morn

turns out he works in the same office as me.

I work in an office.

Monday, November 22, 2004

saw a lot of friends who I used to spend loads of time with but now live hundereds of miles away from and rarely see.

saw snow.

chatted with people at a cold train platform early in the morning inbetween being asleep on a floor and being asleep on a train.

been thinking.

whether things seem really bog-standardly mundanely tangibly ordinary, or bizarre mysterious ethereal and otherworldly, it is potentially a WIN WIN situation. this means that a higher proportion of days can be recognised to be very good.

Friday, November 19, 2004

they're all people too.

"it seems like most of the people around who are really trying to face the state of the world seem to slide into unhelpful extremism of concluding that it is really the fault of a group such as: multinationals, muslims, republicans, fox hunters, zionists, terrorists, young people, posh people, the police, asylum seekers, the government, etc etc"

"Remember that everyone you will ever meet, is afraid of something, loves something, and has lost something."
-WBs wall

-Jesus Freaks Deutschland

"let the person who has not contributed to the mess in the world: throw the first punch, drop the first bomb, write them off as hopeless."
-paraphrased from Bible

"I have chosen to believe that if you look deep enough everyone has a good motive for any action, however screwed up that may have become and however horrific the action that may have resulted."

"Am I a part of the cure? or am I part of the disease?"

"As soon as we find ourselves treating anyone with total contempt, anyone, we need to take a good look at ourselves."

" It seems as though a load of people acting from screwed up but positive motives, with very different ways of understanding the world, are just being played off against each other to cause maximum destruction and pain over a massive area. That would make me really really angry."

"It's not their message I object to, it's the spirit in which they are acting. Whatever you say if it's motivated by hate will not be constructive."

(see also post November25 2003 from archive)

God we need so much more help.

Monday, November 15, 2004

met a naked camel trekker.
at ska in a sculpture park.

dark freezing mud grey rain CAN BE GOOD.

Thursday, November 11, 2004

(what do you do?)'
-csc (whatever)

I have been conversing with gravediggers.

very inspired by fri night.
completely unorganised by hundereds of people who didn't know eachother.
from every direction every distance: contributions from: mad angle firing kids... well-to-do garden party-launched rockets... bigbudget stadium moments.
Coordinated night of mutually beneficial bangin light explosions. Brilliant. Sliding on the hill.

Thursday, November 04, 2004

it's really tempting to get properly paralytically worried about the world.
the alternative seems to be building big apathy buffers.
there has to be a way of properly caring and not getting crippled by it all?

how do you cope?

Monday, November 01, 2004

that tunnel drips loads and your socks get soaked if you have no shoes.

happy samhuinn.

et bons toussaints.

you know that feeling when you find yourself eating packets of milkywaystars for breakfast and that about sums up the week?

Respect the Elderly.

come on November..