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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

This frail 'order' is an imposter, but our desperate insecurities herd us to pay it homage.
So many precious persons selling ourselves to a stage set reality –built of our understanding, our ingenuity, our aspirations, a craved construction to which we devote our trust.

Oh its so fucking safe to be the people who are right, the ‘special ones’ ‘in the know’ surrounded by the sea of ignorant masses

..as the rain comes down and the vast ice fields spill their waters, the seabed tremors and the waves start to loom.
..and the chaotic drunk old man constructs his ship in the parched wilderness of forgotteness.

And the junkie on the pavement in Amsterdam speaks words with a greater truth than the celebrated preacher.

And if?
We let go of the ideas we have worshipped, the certainties we have built our houses on, the standpoints we have fought for… We may feel like we are just drifting out into the chaotic cosmos.
Is there anyone you would trust with your wellbeing cut loose in an infinite space?
Can you express this trust?

“Is the universe friendly?”
-Albert Einstein


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