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Thursday, April 03, 2008

I´m a feminist.

last saturday was womens day

the news remembered:
in europe Statistics show that for women between 16 and 44 years of age, domestic violence is thought to be the major cause of death and invalidity, ahead of cancer, road accidents and even war.
hellloooooooooo? this basicly means: home (and a love relationship) is the most dangerous place where a women can be...isn´t that shocking. Besides:statistics show that in Germany women still earn 25% less then men, though they are better educated, have better qualifications then men and so forth,I´m not talking about the issue of women having more part time jobs and men being more often in the leading offices, NO!Its usual that a women with the same qualification and experience as a man, having the exact same job, tasks, role and position, yes in the same company!- often get up to 500 or 600€ less payment than men. And women simply get offered less payment already at job interviews than men, just because. Because why?People see reasons for this in the old role picture, the image that women only need to earn supplementary payment, ect. And companies use women to simply not to have that many staff expenses i guess.

YES, its time for a new feminism. With this I don´t mean women trying to be like men, anti-men thinking or stuff like that. According to the Encyclopedia Britannica feminism is simply the belief in the social, economic, and political equality of the sexes. So hard?
Equality is actually not enough, we need the same appreciation and acknowledgement for women than for men. And we need more male feminists, this is not just a cause for women to fight for themselves. We need protection.

And especially "the christian world" has to take a very clear stand in that. To long violence was not discussed, feminism was seen as "bad", and unjust actions were tolerated under the belief that women should submit to men. Come on! Submission is a different discussion. This is about equal treatment, and basicly the right to live.

-this post was copied from Tabea's blog (Mar 12th). I thought I'd put it on mine too.


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