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Tuesday, June 07, 2005

"a work of art created by a whole series of lucky mistakes"

And congratulations to our womens football team for beating Finland 3-2 with brilliant 91st minute winner.

Have been sunbathing, learning about Egyptian Coptic Monasteries and how you can smoke chicken using lapsang souchong. Danced all night at urbangorilla, cooked fish, chucked rocks and made pots, classroom assisting, and getting hit by atlantic rollers, climbing granite, and reading Thomas Merton.

get someone to show you "Turtle" in sign language.

Good TV: In case you havn't heard about it, the BBC recently put on a fantastic 3part series where they picked 5 diverse guys who volunteered to join a Benedictine monastery in Sussex for 40days(+nights). From 6am prayers, times of silence, chats with spiritual directors, group meetings (and arguments), manual labour alongside the monks in the gardens, and a visit to a local Carthusian monastery (where monks live in solitary cells), these men experience a life very different from the walks they come from, and comment openly and honestly on their impressions and experiences of it. If they reshow it or you find someone with videos. I RECOMMEND watching this.. it's really interesting on several levels. The Monastery.

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